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Terms of use of the site

1. General provisions of the cosmetics store

1.1. These Purchase and Sale Rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) are a legally binding document that defines the rights,¬†obligations and responsibilities of each of you (hereinafter referred to as “You”) and us (hereinafter referred to as “Seller” “ for the purchase of goods. e-shop (hereinafter referred to as “”).

2. The conclusion of a purchase-sale contract

2.1. The agreement between you and the seller – is considered to be from the moment when you have formed shopping basket with, having specified the delivery address, choosing a payment method and familiar with the rules of, clicking on the button “Order”.

2.2. After you have entered into a contract, you confirm that before the conclusion of the contract you were provided with the following information: about the offered product (name, main characteristics); about the seller – (indicating where and to whom it is possible to address any complaint);

3. Your rights and obligations

3.1. You have the right to buy the goods according to these Rules and
3.1. Accept ordered goods and pay for agreed prices.
3.2. If the data submitted by your registration form changes, you must update them immediately.
3.3. You agree to the following Terms of Purchase and Sale using and you must comply with them.

4. Seller rights –

4.1.If you try or attempt to harm for work or stable operation, we may limit our use of or cancel your registration without prior notice.
4.2. The seller – may, temporarily or in whole, terminate the activity of in case of material circumstances, without informing you without prior notice.
4.3. The seller – may unilaterally change the terms of these Rules.

5. Dealer obligations –

5.1. To make all necessary conditions for the proper use of the services provided by
5.2. Put your ordered goods at your specified address within the agreed delivery period.
5.3. The seller –, in case of serious circumstances, unable to deliver the goods ordered by you, undertakes to offer you a similar product, and if you refuse accept the analogue of the goods, refund the money you paid.

6. Delivery of goods

6.1. Items that are in central warehouses are delivered within 1-3 business days. Goods shipped on a special order are delivered within the agreed time.
6.2. Supplies are provided by Seller – or an authorized representative.
6.3. During the delivery of the goods, you must, together with the Seller, or the Seller’s authorized representative, verify the condition of the delivered items (exterior, package, quantity).
6.4.If you accept the item and after signing the delivery document, the items in the consignment are considered to be in good order and the consignment is also transmitted in an orderly manner.
6.5. If you notice an external violation of the items in the item, you are not entitled to accept the items contained in the consignment and inform the Seller – as soon as possible and indicate such fact in the delivery note.
6.6. After you accept the item and sign the consignment note without comments, it is assumed that the consignment has been handed in correctly and you have no claims regarding the goods contained in the consignment.

7. Returning and changing things

7.1 We provide all goods for sale in the store for a return guarantee, established in accordance with the Minister of Economy of 2001. June 29 Order No 217 “Rules for repayment and exchange of items”.
7.2. High-quality perfumery and cosmetics are an unchanged product. If the purchased product is inadequate, it is replaced by an analogous quality item, but in the case of intact condition of the goods (goods are intact, unpackaged, unused). The cost of shipping is committed by the buyer.
7.3. The item must be returned in the package in which it was delivered. The packaging must be intact, the product has not been started.
7.4. The list of non-returned goods is indicated in 2012. March 15 Order of the Minister of Economics of the Republic of Lithuania Nr. Paragraph 17 of Amendment No. 4-243 “On the Approval of the Rules for the Repayment and Amendment of Items”.

8. copyright

All content on the website is the property of the company, the suppliers. This content includes all the texts, pictures, logos, trademarks, graphic design of the site and the code. It is strictly forbidden to edit, plagiarize, rent, sell or otherwise acquire this property. Even partial content theft is considered a violation of the Republic of Lithuania and international copyright law and brings appropriate responsibility. Any use of property is possible only with a written agreement with owners of

9. Responsibility

9.1. You are solely responsible for the accuracy of the data provided in the registration form. If you do not submit accurate data in the registration form, we are not responsible for the consequences of this. You are responsible for actions performed using
9.2. You are responsible for the transfer of the identification code to third parties. If third parties use your identification code, you are responsible for the actions taken by the third party.
9.3. In the event of a damage, the damaged party shall indemnify the other party for losses.

10. Sending information

10.1. The seller – sends all messages to the e-mail address provided on your registration form.
10.2. You send all messages and questions to in the “Contacts” section by filling in the contact form or by e-mail
10.3 By confirming the order you agree to receive the O2SKIN newsletter.

11. Final provisions

11.1.These Rules are subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.
11.2. All disputes arising from the execution of these Rules are resolved by negotiation. Failing to reach an agreement, disagreements are settled in the court of the Republic of Lithuania. The disputes arising from these Rules are valid for the Seller’s place of business –