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Oxygen is important in maintaining the appearance of a young and healthy skin.

Our skin begins to lose its elasticity at the age of 21 and begins to display the first wrinkles. The skin loses its color and shows first signs of dehydration and fatigue. The main cause is the aging process, which causes capillary changes responsible for the distribution of oxygen. The skin becomes less rich in oxygen, which is actually essential for cellular metabolism and rapid regeneration. The ability of our body to remove toxins becomes drastically smaller, and therefore the epidermal renewal is slower.

 There is 21% oxygen in the air we breathe.

However, only a small amount penetrates the skin and reaches the cells and feeds them properly. Due to the new, long-term and special deodorization technology, suitable concentrations of oxygen and high pressure, we have developed a product that can penetrate the deep layers of the skin, thereby activating the cellular metabolism. In our technology, oxygen atoms are structurally linked to cosmetic elements, so when they are used on the skin, they do not evaporate, but they penetrate the skin, while bringing together collagen, vitamins and acids. Due to the use of oxygen technology, the penetration of substances in cosmetic products has increased significantly compared to other cosmetics even with the most expensive means. The skin color becomes livelier, the skin is more hydrated, smooth and elastic. Over time, the wrinkles disappear and the condition of the skin improves.

How does active oxygen work?


The main advantage of thawing is the improvement of the performance of all cosmetic ingredients, oxygen accelerates performance and improves their effectiveness. Oxygen stimulates the cells and encourages them to work more efficiently. It also improves blood circulation in the skin, so in a short period of time the skin recovers the color, becomes stronger and more beautiful. With the help of oxygen, all the extra materials are introduced into deeper layers of the skin, making them more effective. Exposure takes much longer than usual cosmetics. Due to the amount of oxygen, cosmetics accelerate skin regeneration processes. They form a protective layer against harmful internal and external factors.

O2Skin absorbs oxygen immediately, visible skin changes noticeable in two weeks!

The surface of the wrinkle and skin is apparently more smooth, intense and deep skin moisturizing at the cellular level.
Greater skin firmness and elasticity
Reduced facial wrinkles around the eyes and lips
Greater skin color
Lightening of the skin, and minor damage reduction
Provides “velcro skin” effect
Comprehensive restoration of individual skin layers
Provides a healthy, youthful appearance and smooth skin

O2 SKIN Oxygen Water

With a maximum dose of sodium hyaluronate and collagen. High concentration of oxygen in the serum improves skin tone. Oxygen as the main and most important ingredient in the serum multiplies the beneficial effect of all ingredients of the serum.

Regular use of serum improves skin hydration and elasticity

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O2 SKIN Oxygen Lifting Day Cream

Day cream with a rich formula leaves a feeling of comfort, protection, and moisturization for a long time. Sunflower oil, coconut oil, sweet almonds and Shea butter effectively protect the skin from excessive water loss.

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