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O2Skin products absorb oxygen immediately, noticeable changes in skin are visible in two weeks!

  • The surface of the wrinkle and skin is visibly smoother
  • Intensive and deep skin moisturizing at the cellular level
  • Stronger and more elastic skin
  • Reduced facial wrinkles around the eyes and lips
  • Greater skin color
  • Lightening of the skin, and minor damage reduction
  • Provides “velcro skin” effect
  • Comprehensive restoration of individual skin layers
  • Provides a healthy, youthful appearance and smooth skin

Oxygen is very important for maintaining a young and healthy appearance of the skin. Our skin begins to lose its elasticity from the age of 21 years. The first wrinkles start to appear. Our skin loses its color and causes first signs of dehydration and fatigue.

The main cause is the aging process, which affects capillary changes that are responsible for the distribution of oxygen. The skin becomes less rich in oxygen, which is actually essential for cellular metabolism and rapid regeneration. Our body’s ability to remove toxins is much less, so the regeneration of the epidermis is slower.

O2 SKIN Oxygen Lighttening Cream

Under eye cream (30% OXYGEN) with light creamy – gel texture perfectly caters for the delicate skin around the eyes. The ointment and skylight extracts and cotton oil contained in the cream provide long-lasting hydration. Caffeine, vitamin E and sodium hyaluronate show nourishing and anti-wrinkle action. It brightens the shadows under the eyes.

O2 SKIN Oxygen Deep Moisturizing Day Cream

Sunflower oil, cotton oil and Shea butter provide an adequate level of hydration. Camomile extract, oat, allantoin and provitamin b5 sooth all irritation and nourish the skin. It gives the skin healthy, youthful appearance and smoothness.

O2 SKIN Oxygen Water

With a maximum dose of sodium hyaluronate and collagen. High concentration of oxygen in the serum improves skin tone. Oxygen as the main and most important ingredient in the serum multiplies the beneficial effect of all ingredients of the serum.

Regular use of serum improves skin hydration and elasticity

O2 SKIN Oxygen Lifting Day Cream

Day cream with a rich formula leaves a feeling of comfort, protection, and moisturization for a long time. Sunflower oil, coconut oil, sweet almonds and Shea butter effectively protect the skin from excessive water loss.

O2 SKIN Oxygen Cream – Gel day

Moisturizing cream with light gel texture. Ideal for dry, tired skin without natural glow. It intensively moisturizes and makes the skin more elastic. It soothes irritations and restores comfort.

O2 SKIN Moisturizing – Nourishing Night Cream

Provides intensive hydration. Prevents premature aging of the skin. Thanks to its rich formula it improves the oxygenation of skin cells during the sleep.

The main advantage of oxygen is the better performance of all cosmetic products. Oxygen accelerates and improves performance and effectiveness.

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